Appetizers…..the prelude

refreshing Aioli sauce with baguette
4,90 €
Roasted goat cheese
and caramelized fig dressed on mixed salad
6,90 €
Prawns served
in a nest of potatoes with sweet-and-sour dip and mixed salad
7,90 €
Frogs´ legs Provencale
(with garlic and parsley)
14,90 €

Soups: Anything but boring!

Appetizing Orange-carrot-chili cream soup
5,90 €
Creamy tomato soup
with crème fraîche
5,90 €
Fish soup „Marseillaise“
with Rouille sauce, parmesan and crôutons
8,90 €
12,90 €

All the dishes marked by a green V are vegetarian dishes. Feel free to contact us for any further requests!

Salad - wagon…

„Fitness Salad “
With fried strips of turkey breast and fine herbs
14,90 €
„Salad Elfdreiviertel“
With spicy strips of grilled rump steak
16,90 €
„Hut Salad “
With fried potatoes, Lyoner (an originally French pork sausage from Lyon) and a fried egg
11,90 €
„Salad Pêcheur“
With grilled blue white fish and homemade Aioli sauce
15,90 €

All salads are homemade freshly from raw vegetable and lettuce

Pasta section

„Aglio - Olio“
In olive oil with garlic, cherry tomatoes and parmesan
10,90 €
„À la crème“
In creamy sauce with grilled strips of turkey breast and mushrooms fresh from the market
14,90 €
With grilled strips of rump steak, flambéed with Cognac, in pepper sauce
16,90 €
„St. Tropez“
Tossed in fine olive oil with herbs,garlic and ½ a dozen scampi
17,90 €

All pasta dishes are served with a mixed side salad.

The main thing…

Fried veal liver “Berlin Style“
with apple slices and onion rings
19,90 €
Pork loin escalope
12,90 €
Or veal
15,90 €
Grilled turkey steak
14,90 €
Delicately fried medallions of pork fillet
17,90 €
Grilled rump steak
of Argentinian Angus beef
22,90 €

Available with:
* Fried onions, mushrooms and herb butter
* Creamy pepper sauce
* Creamy mushrooms sauce
* Creamy Calvados sauce
* Tomato sauce Provencale

Side dishes:French fries, croquettes, fried potatoes
or pasta and side salad „Gartentraum“
or market fresh vegetables